Return Policy Page


Article 1: Order/Shipping

1. All members must purchase Enrichz Goods directly from the company and shall not

limited to personal use only.

2. Members may also purchase Goods for resell purpose. However, ENRICHZ shall not be

hold accountable for any damage, defects and/or sub standard condition upon any resell


3. A member may not possess excessive stock when making a new purchase or over-

purchase Goods beyond the amount required for self-consumption or sale to other

consumers. In case of over-purchase, the member shall be restricted from canceling the

purchase (return).

4. Members must fully understand of their sales capabilities or level of consumption and

purchase Goods accordingly.

5. Members must understand that all orders placed are subject to acceptance by the

Company and the terms of this agreement.

Article 2: Exchange of Goods and Cancellation of Purchase

1. Exchange refers to a system under the thirty (30)-day warranty system in which a

member of the Company may request the exchange of a purchased product for the same

product due to defects in the product within 30 days after the purchase.

2. Return Refund refers to a system under the thirty (30)-day warranty system in which a

member of the company may request a refund of a purchased defective product within

30 days after the purchase. EV generated and commissions gained will be readjusted


3. The Company may impose claims for commission, bonuses and/or other benefits given

prior to the Purchase Cancellation or Return Refund, where the member performance

may had effected due to the action.

4. The Company reserve the right to impose actions not limited to direct deduction the loss

amount directly from the member’s active e-wallet balance.

Article 3: Adjustment of Commission and EV Gained for Cancellation of Purchase

1. The intentional action of purchase and return for the purpose of commission generation

is strictly prohibited. The company will honor the request of return and proceed with a

refund. However, any unlawfully gained commission will be recovered.

2. Any return and refund item with gained EV from the respective purchase order will also

be deducted from the member. EV deduction process may be parallel to the company's

operation timeframe, and it may not reflect on the same date of purchase cancellation.

Members are not allowed to choose the date of EV deduction and/or adjustment.