Term Conditions Page

Enrichz Networth Member Management Regulations

Effective Date

This Agreement is between Enrichz Networth Sdn Bhd (hereinafter referred to as the

Company) and members accepted and/or approved by the Company (hereinafter referred to

as the Members). Starting from June 1st, 2022, this Agreement shall come into effect. All

matters arising before this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance

with any arrangements entered into prior to this Agreement, except as expressly modified or

amended herein and/or by the Direct Sales and Anti Pyramid Scheme 1993.

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1: Interpretation

1. Members refer to members successfully registered as ENRICHZ member.

2. PRORICHZ Member refers to registered member successfully Activate Affiliate Link and

becomes Affiliate Member.

3. Member Levels are those whose rank is higher due to member personal purchase.

4. Carrier Levels are those whose rank is higher due to group purchase performance.

5. SELLER and/or ENRICHZ PARTNER is the parties who are selling products and/or services

in ENRICHZ platform digital and/or physical.

6. ENRICHZ NETWORTH SDN BHD is the representor for the SELLERs to sell products and/or

services in ENRICHZ platform digital and/or physical.

7. ENRICHZ VALUE “EV” is the point value defined by the company as a quantify method

not limited to promotion and/or loyalty activities.

8. Any reference to a statutory provision includes that provision and any regulations made

in pursuance thereof as from time to time modified or re-enacted.

9. Headings in this Agreement are for convenience only and shall not affect its construction.

10. Any reference to “this Agreement” includes all amendments, additions, and variations

thereto agreed between the Parties.

11. Unless the context otherwise requires, words importing the singular shall include the

plural and vice versa; words importing a specific gender shall include the other genders

(male or female), and “person” shall include an individual, corporation, company,

partnership, firm, trustee, trust, executor, administrator or other legal personal

representative, unincorporated association, joint venture, syndicate or other business

enterprise, any governmental, administrative or regulatory authority or agency

(notwithstanding that “person” may be sometimes used herein in conjunction with some

of such words), and their respective successors, legal personal representatives and

assigns, as the case may be, and pronouns shall have a similarly extended meaning.

12. Unless otherwise stated, where the Members are cumulatively, or collectively mentioned

in this Agreement in relation to the performance or provision of a warranty or an

obligation, undertaking or indemnity or the acknowledgment of or agreement to any

matter, the same shall be and is hereby undertaken by each of them jointly and severally.

Article 2: Purpose

The Regulations aim to promote a sound and correct distribution culture, and encourage

mutual prosperity between the Company and its Members, by ensuring both parties comply

with the regulations for the sale of Enrichz Networth collaborating goods and services

(hereinafter referred to as the “Goods”). Members are required to perform their duties

professionally and in accordance with the Company's standards, and avoid any actions that

could harm the Company's reputation and goodwill. Sanctions, including but not limited to

warnings, suspensions or termination of membership, may be imposed if any Member

violates the Regulations. Members are expected to comply with the Regulations as they are

updated and modified by the Company from time to time.

Article 3: Scope of Application

This Agreement governs the management of the Members in the Company, unless otherwise


Article 4: Application of Relevant Laws

The Direct Sales and Anti-Pyramid Act 1993, along with any other relevant laws and/or

regulations in Malaysia, shall be applied to the validity, interpretation, and performance of

this Agreement.

Article 5: Subject of Application

All members registered with the Company must abide by this regulation.

Article 6: Relationship of Company and Members

1. The Parties agree that no employment, partnership, or joint venture relationship shall be

created between the Company, its parent, subsidiaries or affiliates.

2. The Members shall not have, nor hold themselves out as having, any right, power, or

authority to create any contract or obligation, either express or implied, on behalf of the

Company, its parents, subsidiaries or affiliates, except for the terms agreed upon in this


3. The Members shall indemnify and save harmless the Company from any loss, costs, or

liability arising from the Member's services to any merchant or due to the Member's

wanton or reckless conduct or dishonesty.

Article 7: Intellectual Property

1. The Members acknowledge that all intellectual property belonging to the Company shall

remain the exclusive property of the Company, and the Members shall not acquire or

claim any right, title, or interest in such intellectual property.

2. Intellectual Property shall include all intellectual property and proprietary rights,

including inventions, branding and trademarks, copyrights and works of authorship,

industrial design, mask works and mask work rights, trade secrets, know-how and

confidential business information, software and algorithms, domain names, web

presence and website content, advertising and promotional materials, and all tangible

and intangible manifestations of such intellectual property.

Limiting Liability and Establishing Obligations

Article 8: Limitation of Liability

This section outlines the parties' liability under the agreement. Neither party shall be held

responsible for any special, consequential, exemplary, incidental, or punitive damages

resulting from the agreement or any performance under the agreement. However, if a

defaulting party engages in willful or intentional misconduct, or gross negligence, the

limitation of liability shall not apply. The defaulting party will be held fully liable for all losses

incurred by the non-defaulting party.

Article 9: Non-competition And Non-permitted Use of Company’s Resources

This section establishes that the ENRICHZ Members cannot engage in any commercial

competition with the Company or use any resources belonging to the Company to promote

their own businesses during the course of the agreement.

Article 10: General Provisions

This section covers several general provisions. If any party consists of multiple individuals,

each person is jointly and severally liable under the agreement. The failure to exercise any

power or right under the agreement shall not operate as a waiver of that power or any future

exercise thereof. If any provision is deemed invalid, all other provisions shall remain valid and

enforceable. The Company's failure to exercise any remedy or right under the agreement

shall not preclude its exercise of any other remedy or right.

Chapter 2: Members' Obligations

This chapter outlines the obligations of the members under the agreement.

Terms and Conditions of Membership in Enrichz Networth.

Article 11. Obligation to Acquire and Deliver Accurate Information

At the time of membership registration, the Company is responsible for providing all

regulations and product information. The Member must be familiar with all regulations and

information at the time of registration and should provide only information that is official and

without any distortion or exaggeration of the content.

Article 12. Obligation of Due Diligence in Sales Activities

Members have to ensure that due diligence is conducted on the Goods before promoting,

marketing, and selling them. Members are required to provide their contact information to

the consumers who have purchased the Goods and to the other members that they have

recommended and sponsored.

Article 13. Obligation to Provide Training Support and Complete Training

Enrichz Member and Affiliate Members must maintain contact, provide training, guidance,

and encouragement to other Members that they have recommended and sponsored. The

Member shall ensure that the business activities conducted by the other Members they have

recommended and sponsored are in compliance with all law, rules, and regulations. To ensure

timely and economical resolution of disputes between customers and members, a member

shall attempt to resolve the disputes promptly and amicably.

Article 14. Obligation of a Career Level Achiever

Members who have achieved Career Level are required to participate in company activities

such as the Menifesto Prorichz Seminar and Academy programs which are organized by the

company periodically.

Article 15. Tax Obligations

Each party is responsible for the payment of its taxes. Neither party shall be responsible or

liable for the other party's taxes in connection with this Agreement.

Article 16. Obligation of Compliance with Relevant Laws and Regulations

All Members shall comply with the relevant laws, as well as all regulations and training and

management established by the Company when conducting sales activities. The terms and

conditions stated on various application forms such as Line Change, Termination, Recovery,

Product Exchange/Refund, etc., will be updated periodically without prior notification. By

submitting the application, a member acknowledges, agrees, and accepts all terms and

conditions, and no appeals will be entertained.

Article 17. Obligation of Representation

Enrichz Members shall agree to appoint ENRICHZ NETWORTH SDN BHD as the REPRESENTOR

of themselves to receive, keep and make payment to the Seller. The company is at all time has

the right to evaluate and decide the best action toward any purchase and/or transaction.

Members are at all time aware and agree that any renumeration resulting from the amount

held in the Company is relief to the Company.

Article 18. Obligation of Compliance with Relevant Laws and Regulations

All Members shall comply with the relevant laws, as well as all regulations and training and

management established by the Company when conducting sales activities. The terms and

conditions stated on various application forms such as Termination, Recovery, Product

Exchange/Refund, etc., will be updated periodically without prior notification. By submitting

the application, a member acknowledges, agrees, and accepts all terms and conditions, and

no appeals will be entertained.

Enrichz's Articles of Prohibition for Members

Enrichz has established several guidelines for its members to ensure the organization remainsnon-political

and non-extremist that members maintain professionalism at all times. Below is

an overview of the key points:

Article 19. Politics

1. The Company is not affiliated with any political party, either domestically or


2. Members are not permitted to use Enrichz's name to participate in political activities,

either locally or overseas.

3. Members are not authorized to represent Enrichz in support of any political parties,

either domestically or internationally.

4. Members are prohibited from utilizing their official authority for engaging in political


5. Members are prohibited from coercing or soliciting participation in political activities or

financial support for political parties, organizations, or candidates.

Article 20. Extremist

1. The Company is a non-extremist organization that welcomes members of all faiths.

2. The Company is at all time comply with the Malaysia Federal Constitution subjects.

3. Members are not authorized to use Enrichz's name to participate in extremist activities,

either locally or overseas.

4. Members are not authorized to represent Enrichz in support of any extremist activities,

either locally or overseas.

5. Members are prohibited from utilizing their official authority for engaging in extemist


6. Members are prohibited from coercing or soliciting participation in extremist activities or

financial support for extremist parties, organizations, or candidates.

Chapter 3: Prohibitions for Members

Article 21. False/Illegal/Duplicate Registration

1. PRORICHZ Members are allowed only one Enrichz membership ID activation, which

should be registered under their own personal information.

2. Enrichz membership is applicable to any individual aged 18 years old and above, not

limited to spouse, siblings and family members.

3. Members has no right to claim own next-of-kin as a mandatory referral member.

4. Members must provide accurate information during the membership registration


5. Members are prohibited from registering another person without their consent and/or

providing false information.

6. The Company has the right to validate any Member identity at all time deem necessary.

7. The Company has the right to impose sanction and/or inquiries in such manner where the

Company find suspicious and/or not satisfy with the Member validation processes.

8. The Company has the right to suspend and/or terminate membership and/or proceed

with legal action for cases link to identity fraud and/or identity thief.

Article 22. Forced Membership Registration or Sales Contract

1. Members are not permitted to force the conclusion of a sales contract or exert pressure

on the other party to prevent the cancellation of a purchase or termination of a contract.

Article 23. Dissemination of False Information or Exaggerated Facts

1. Members are not permitted to engage in deceptive or misleading conduct, such as

providing false information about the price and quality of goods, or making statements

that could mislead the other party into believing that the price and quality are superior.

2. Members are prohibited from slandering or disparaging other companies' business

through any means of communication.

3. Members are not allowed to impose any burden or duty on other members or potential

members through subscription fees, sales aids, or training expenses.

Rules and Regulations for Members

Article 24. Acts Regarding Cancellation of Purchase

Members are prohibited from engaging in any of the following acts:

1. Damaging any part of a product or changing the address, phone number, etc., to cancel a

purchase or the termination of a contract, or causing a delay in the use of certain Goods

to prevent the other party from returning the Goods;

2. Returning or exchanging Goods without the purchaser’s consent;

3. Registering as a Member on another line under his or her own name or another person’s

name by deliberately returning Goods, withdrawing from membership at the same time,

or inducing others to sign up as such; or

4. Deliberately inducing returns from other Members or systematically returning them in

groups for purposes such as moving to another company.

5. Phantom buying as a purpose of achieving EV accumulation to achieve such target which

then cancelling the purchase in mean of benefiting from refund.

6. Reluctant from giving full cooperation on inquiries by the Company during such

cancellation of purchase is made.

Article 25. Excessive Purchase or Forced Purchase

1. Members shall not force the sale of Goods to the other party in a manner in which the

party is unable to freely exercise their independent will.

2. Members shall not purchase Goods excessively, place a burden on a member that they

have recommended and sponsored, or force any purchase for the purpose of securing

promotion or commissions for him/herself or a Career Level Holder. The practice of

“product hoarding” is disallowed.

3. The does not at any time enforce a ‘front loading’ purchase. Such manner may lead to

membership suspension and/or termination.

Article 26. Sales Activities Using Social Status

Members of higher social status shall not, directly or indirectly, exert undue influence with

the purpose of influencing or forcing others to register under his or her lineage. Members are

not allowed to abuse their power against other members or partners with their position level

in the Company. Members shall not be compelled to make any form of contributions or to

commit any acts if they do not wish to do so.

Article 27. Act of Impersonating Company Employees and Exclusive Rights

1. Members shall not impersonate the Company’s representative, executive or employee

with other persons.

2. Members shall not falsely present the Goods as personal products or fraudulently make

any exclusive sales rights over the Goods.

3. Members shall not allow any unregistered person to act as Member of the Company.

Article 28. Exaggerated Advertisement and Neglect of Duty of Information Delivery

Members shall not convey wrong or exaggerated information about the Goods and

commission payment structure. Members shall follow up with the customers to discuss any

issues, problems or other matters in connection with the sale of Goods.

Article 29. Promise of Non-effort Money and Solicitation of Sales

Members shall not make any promise of non-effort money to any persons with the purpose of

soliciting or inducing them entering into or participating in any business or arrangement with

the Company.

Use of Members' Personal Information and Restrictions on

Advertising and Sales Activities

Article 30. Use of Members' Personal Information

Personal data obtained by Members in the course of conducting business with the Company

will be strictly necessary for the performance of the business and may only be used to fulfill

the purpose of the business. Such data will not be transferred or handed to third parties.

Members are not allowed to take other individual personal details in order to register on

behalf of the person. New Member is strictly to utilise the Company official method of

registering him/herself such as membership referral link and/or product referral link. Member

shall always bind with the enforced law on Personal Data Protection Act.

Article 31. Advertising and Sales Activities Using Mass Media

1. Prohibition of the Production of Company Advertisements or Printed Materials through

Mass Media:

a. Members are not permitted to advertise the Company's products through any

commercial mass communication media, including paid advertisements, business

entity platforms, non-profit organization platforms, news channels, written articles,

radio and television channels, internet, and other public channels. Without prior

permission from the Company, members are prohibited from representing the

company in terms of promotional activities such as interviews, news coverage, or

other public forums.

b. Members must protect Enrichz trademarks and trade names and obtain written

permission from the Company prior to use in any advertisement on the internet,

literature other than company-published, logos, images, and other marketing

promotional devices. Displaying Enrichz trademarks and trade names on a business

signage, outside of a building, private properties and vehicles (including aircraft) is

against Enrichz Member Rules and Regulations.

c. Members are not allowed to print their materials, including leaflets, brochures,

catalogs, banners, and other printed materials, for their business purposes. The

Company forbids members from creating any team watermark, hashtag, picture, etc.

to mislead other people during the Company's promotion activity.

d. No lecture or training in Enrichz Networth system shall be filmed or recorded (video or

photograph), disclosed, posted, or used for private purposes without the Company's

prior consent (including other acts not agreed to or approved by head office, such as

dissemination via internet bulletin boards, blogs, social networking sites, leaflets,


e. Use of information provided through the official website online after processing or

modification is not allowed.

2. Prohibition of Website-Related Activities:

The Company's trade name and logo, which may lead to the page being mistaken for the

Company's official website, may not be used without the Company's consent.

The Company's business may not be exaggerated with unconfirmed information.

No advertising emails using the Company's name or trademark may be sent without the

consent of the relevant parties.

Members are not allowed to copy or set up Enrichz websites for their use, i.e., for selling

products or recruiting members.

Personal information of other Members may not be disclosed (all personal information

such as IDs, passwords, contact information, etc.).

Company Regulations: Chapters 3 & 4

Chapter 3: Guidelines for Members

Article 32: Misuse of Position and Neglect of Training Support

Members should refrain from leveraging their official position to make unreasonable requests

or statements that may affect the qualification of another member. It is important to avoid

wrongful business practices and adhere to the rules and regulations set by the Company.

Members are also prohibited from receiving commissions without proper training and referral

of other members.

Article 33: Criticism and Scandal between the Company and Members

During or after the Agreement, members should not make any comments, writings, remarks,

or any other expressions that may defame the Company directly or indirectly. The Company

prohibits unethical behavior among members, such as personal disputes, violence, reckless

slandering, and other acts that may damage their character. Members shall not obstruct

business with personal demands or cause chaos, verbal abuse, or controversy among


Article 34: Transfer of Member Rights

Members are not allowed to sell, assign, or transfer their membership interest to any person

at any time.

Article 35: Monetary Transaction and Failure to Deliver Goods

Unauthorized monetary or product dealings between members are strictly prohibited by the

Company. Members should avoid exchanging Goods without proper authorization or engaging

in money transactions under false pretenses. Members must deliver sufficient explanation of

the product's and service’s information.

Article 36: Forming Groups within the Organization

Members should not create separate groups within the sales organization for purposes other

than the sale of Goods. The Company prohibits using a different name to refer to the group,

prioritizing the group's purpose over the sale of Goods or organizing specific members or

members in certain regions.

Article 37: Measures Against Cash Appropriation

Members should not substitute cash sales made by another member with sales made with a

member's credit/debit card or another person's credit/debit card for the purpose of

appropriation. This may result in suspension or termination of membership, depending on the

seriousness of the matter.

Chapter 4: Suspension and Termination

The Company has guidelines in place to ensure members adhere to the rules and regulations

set forth by the organization. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in

suspension or termination of membership.

Suspension of Member Qualifications: Direct Sales and Anti-Pyramid Scheme Act 1993

Article 38: The Direct Sales and Anti-Pyramid Scheme Act 1993 outlines the regulations for

suspending a member's qualifications. These include:

1. If a member violates any provision of the Act and/or regulations, their membership will

be suspended.

2. The Company will notify the member of the breach and provide an opportunity to

remedy it. Failure to do so within the specified time frame or if the member does not

remedy the breach in a satisfactory manner may result in immediate termination of


3. The regulation and penalties will be applied to all members equally without


4. A suspended member will face the following restrictions during the suspension period,

with the penalty determined on a case-by-case basis:

    a. Ineligible to purchase and sell Goods

    b. Ineligible to recommend and sponsor new members

    c. Prohibited from login in the Enrichz Networth System.  

    d. Prohibited from entering the classes conducted by Enrichz online and/or offline.

    e. Any other penalty based on the severity of the violation

5. A member subject to an aggravated punishment who fails to comply with the sanctions

or violates regulations again may be subject to a severe penalty. Including the loss of

rights to the commission amount available in the Dashboard and/or digital wallets.

6. Any terminated Members shall not be eligible for another membership registration

and/or activation. The personal ID certificate shall be listed as ‘prohibited to register’.

7. Any member who is verified as death, the membership account shall be treated as

terminated at the date of incident. The legal next-of-kin and/or the legal representative is

entitle to proceed with the claim to the remaining balance of the commission amount

available in the Dashboard and/or digital wallets. Any amount accumulated after the date

of death shall be untitled and relief to the Company.

Chapter 5: Public Notice and Non-Specified Matters

Article 39: The Company may publicly announce a list of members subject to a warning,

membership suspension, or membership termination due to a violation of the regulations to

foster a proper business culture. Matters not specified in the regulations will be determined

by the Company's final decision, as outlined in Article 40.

Enrichz's Code of Ethics: Upholding Respectful Business


At Enrichz Networth Sdn Bhd ("Company"), we strive to establish a business culture that

fosters respect and honesty among all members. To achieve this, we have created a

comprehensive Code of Ethics that all members must adhere to. Compliance with these

regulations is essential to avoid any negative consequences and promote long-term growth

based on mutual trust and respect between members. Penalties will be imposed on any

member found in violation of the Code, depending on the severity of the breach.

Furthermore, all members must comply with the Direct Sales and Anti-Pyramid Scheme Act

1993, the Company's Regulations, and other relevant local laws and rules. Members are

responsible for understanding and adhering to the relevant laws concerning their business,

as well as the company's regulations. Protection of the members' business and long-term

growth for all parties involved is ensured through strict adherence to the Code of Ethics.

Chapter 1: Enrichz Member Ethics Regulation

As a member of Enrichz Networth, it is essential to act responsibly and comply with the

"Members' Obligations" specified in the Member Agreement and the following provisions:

Article 1: Maintenance of Honor and Dignity

Members must act sincerely and truthfully, with pride and an exemplary attitude, and a sense

of responsibility and community.

Article 2: Compliance with Ethics Regulations and Enforcement Regulations

Members must familiarize themselves with the terms of the Ethics Regulations, the

Enforcement Regulations, and other regulations, rules, and guidelines. Business must be

conducted based on these regulations.

Article 3: Obligation of Familiarisation with Marketing Plans and Accurate Notification

Members must familiarize themselves with Enrichz's marketing plans and gain knowledge

about the Goods. Sales activities should not involve spreading wrong ideas, and continuous

education and training is necessary. Disciplinary action may be imposed by the Company for

any breach of this regulation.

Article 4: Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Members must understand the customer satisfaction level with regard to the Goods sold and

take the required measures to ensure that consumers are informed of the quality of the

Enrichz Goods without distortion, false information, or exaggeration. Customer complaints and

return requests should be handled promptly and accurately, following the procedures

specified in Enrichz Networth's official publication, to avoid harm to customers.

Article 5. Penalty of Members in Violation

Sanctions will be imposed on any member found in violation of the company's regulations,

such as these Ethics Regulations and the Enforcement Regulations. These sanctions may

include, but are not limited to, restrictions on damage compensation or purchase of

products, suspension of membership activities, suspension of general commission, and

termination of membership. Upon termination, the terminated member is not allowed to

continue practice of business as a member of the company.

Chapter 2: Operation of Ethical Activities and Suspension of


The Company reserves the right to investigate all members' activities. Members are required

to fully cooperate during the investigation process.

Regulations for Ethical Business Operations by the Company

Article 6: Prevention of Unethical Practices and Disciplinary Procedures

In order to maintain an ethical business culture and prevent damage to the trust of other

members, disciplinary actions may be taken by the company for any violation of the Direct

Sales and Anti-Pyramid Scheme Act 1993 or these regulations. Members are required to

comply with the company's decision. Disciplinary procedures will follow these steps:

1. Any member, including the Company, may register a violation and provide relevant


2. The Company may request the member in violation to provide an explanation and

supporting materials.

3. The Company will verify the facts and investigate the matter. During the inquiry period,

the member may be suspended.

4. The company will notify the member and the relevant parties of the decision and the

sanctions imposed. Any appeal to the decision must be made within reasonable period.

5. If corrective action is required immediately for the member's violation, qualification

restriction may be imposed during the review period before a final decision is made.

6. Members must cooperate with the company during the investigation process; any failure

to comply may result in further sanctions.

Article 7: Types of Sanctions

Violations of the regulations may result in the following sanctions:

1. Membership Termination: Loss of membership

2. Suspension: Membership status is suspended for a certain period of time

3. Suspension with Commission on hold: Commissions are not to be paid for a certain

period of time (paid in a lump sum when the suspension ends)

4. Suspension with Commission forfeit: Commissions do not occur for a certain period of time

5. Warning: In case of a minor and unintended violation of Enrichz Networth member

prohibitions, Ethics Regulation, or the Management Regulation

6. Caution: In case of a member showing a lack of understanding of the regulations and a

need for training (in cases where the sanctions are accompanied by training

requirements, the Member must complete the training provided by head office)

Article 8: Warning and Caution

A member may be subject to more severe penalties if they receive two or more warnings in

total for violating the membership regulations.

Terms and Conditions for Members of Enrichz Networth Sdn.


Chapter 1: Member Registration

Article 1: Member Qualifications

Any Malaysian national is eligible to become a member of Enrichz Networth Sdn. Bhd. and

participate in affiliate sharing and marketing. There are no restrictions on membership based

on age, academic background, career, occupation, gender, religion, or physical disabilities.

Article 2: Limitation on Registration

The following individuals are restricted from registering:

1. Persons restricted from participating in direct selling and marketing in accordance with

Malaysian laws and regulations.

2. Persons under 18 years of age at the time of registration.

3. Foreigners who are not MyPR cardholders.The company reserves the right to terminate

the membership of any individual who violates any of the above restrictions and shall not be liable

for any loss or damages arising therefrom.

Article 3: Registration of New Members

1. Members must register under their legal names and Malaysian Identity Card numbers.

Claims of rights against others shall not be accepted if made by members who joined

under other persons' names.

2. Member who registered shall be able to purchase product and eligible to share referral

link to others. Member is not entitle for affiliate incentives.

3. Member who registered and Activate Affiliate Link shall has the advantage of sharing

Affiliate Link on any Goods and obtain affiliate incentive. This member is also known as


4. Members must certify that all information provided is complete and accurate, including

the information of the sponsoring member. If any false or misleading information is found

in the members' registration applications, the Company reserves the right to terminate

the membership.

5. Members identity verification shall be satisfy and verified before any commercial

transaction is executed by the Company.

6. The Company reserves the right to review all membership registrations. Access to the

website after registration does not guarantee acceptance by the Company. Once the

membership is registered, members are not allowed to make any changes to their names

and/or IC/PR card numbers.

7. An individual member may only have one account under their name. No multiple

membership accounts are allowed within the country or abroad.

Article 4: Registration of Couple Memberships

1. A married couple signing up for membership is considered as individual registration.

2. There will be no binding account and/or membership between married couple.

3. Every individual is independently able to establish own Introduction Tree and Network


4. Every referral ID submission is considered permanent upon registration. Any claim of

accidental and/or unintentional referral input shall not be entertained.

5. Commissions are paid according to member bank account. Sharing bank account is


Membership Guidelines and Regulations

Article 5: Approval of Member Qualifications

Membership for Consumers will come into effect when the Company grants a ENRICHZ ID

number to the applicant. The verification process for PRORICHZ will only be successful when

the Company reviews all the information and documents provided by the applicant. The

Company has the sole authority to approve membership.

Article 6: Definition of Member Qualifications

Members registered with the Company will be legally responsible for all independent affiliate

and/or sales activities conducted in accordance with the business policies, marketing plans,

and product purchases presented by the Company.

Article 7: Member Information Management

1. Upon registration, Members must clearly state their personal details, contact details, and

referral ID in accordance with the registration and/or affiliate activation document

procedures set by the Company. The submitting party bears responsibility for any wrong

information provided and defects in the submitted documents.

2. Registration will only valid through official and genuine ENRICHZ NETWORTH links.

3. ENRICHZ does not issue printed documents for registration and/or affiliate activation.

4. Members must notify the Company immediately of any changes made to their personal

information (address, phone number, bank account details, etc.) and all responsibility

(mail return, etc.). The Company will not bear any responsibility if Members fail to receive

commission or any other notices.

Chapter 2: Member Qualifications and Activities

Article 8: Membership Validity Period

1. An initial duration of membership begins from the following month of approved

registration and continues until the last day of the six (6) months. If a member has

records of purchase during this period, the membership will be extended for twelve (12)

months, from the following month the member has made the purchase.

2. Members who is not making any purchase for a period of twelve (12) months shall be

considered by the Company as dormant. Any commission and/or bonuses collected after

the period will be considered as forfeited.

Article 9: Membership Withdrawal

1. Members may terminate the Agreement at any time and for any reason by giving thirty

(30) days written notice to the Company.

2. Membership will be withdrawn upon receipt and verification of the completed self

termination notification and/or documentation from the Member.

3. Rejoining can only be considered one year after the withdrawal from the termination

date, upon new registration.

4. Rejoining member shall proceed as a new registration with new placement and newly

started Network Tree.

5. The Company reserve the right to evaluate acceptance of rejoining member without

giving any reason.

Article 10: Termination of Membership (Exclusion)

1. The Company reserves the right to terminate any membership without prior notice and

with immediate effect or impose a penalty on members as a result of breach of any of the

provisions herein. In determining what actions to take in the event of breach of the

Agreement, the Company may consider without limitation the nature and severity of the

breach. If members do not agree with the action taken by the company, members may file

an appeal within 7 days together with supporting evidence to be submitted to appeal,

however, the decision by the Company will be deemed final thereafter.

2. A Member’s membership will be terminated in the following cases:

a. Registration or withdrawal without consent

b. Submitting false documents in connection with membership registration

c. Causing a serious operating loss to the company. “Serious operating loss” refers to

financial loss by the Company due to a loss of company reputation, intentional mass

return, or a lawsuit caused by a failure to comply with the Company regulations.

d. Recommending (introduction, inducement/registering, etc.), promoting or selling

products or businesses of other direct selling marketing companies or similar direct

selling marketing companies (including door-to-door sales/sponsored door-to-door

sales similar to direct selling marketing) to the Company’s Members.

3. The Company may terminate the membership of a Member who caused a serious

controversy without first suspending their membership. Termination of membership

terminates all legal relationships between the Member and the Company, and the

Member may no longer exercise any of their rights as a Member.

Membership Guidelines for Enrichz Networth

Article 11: Re-registration of Members

1. Member whose are terminated due to any reason shall not be valid, prior to the Company

validation and approval.

2. In such case a terminated individual successful in a re-registration, the Company reserve

the right to take immediate action not limited to suspend or permanently terminate the

individual without prior notice and/or warning.

3. In cases of whenever the Company satisfy with a re-registration application, the re-

registration shall be the same as a newly fresh member registration.

4. The member has no right to reclaim the Network Tree and/or referrals members that

he/she had obtained in the previous membership period.

Article 12: Inheritance

Upon the death of a member, the ENRICHZ membership will only valid until the official date

of death. The next authorized next of kind and/or legal representative has the right to claim

the remaining amount in the dashboard in according to the regulation and laws applied. Any

transaction, rewards, bonuses and/or other benefit after the next date of the death shall be

forfeited. Passed away membership entitlement shall not be inheritance.

Chapter 3: Logistics

Article 13: Order/Shipping

1. All members must purchase Enrichz Goods directly from the company and shall not

limited to personal use only.

2. Members may also purchase Goods for resell purpose. However, ENRICHZ shall not be

hold accountable for any damage, defects and/or sub standard condition upon any resell


3. A member may not possess excessive stock when making a new purchase or over-

purchase Goods beyond the amount required for self-consumption or sale to other

consumers. In case of over-purchase, the member shall be restricted from canceling the

purchase (return).

4. Members must fully understand of their sales capabilities or level of consumption and

purchase Goods accordingly.

5. Members must understand that all orders placed are subject to acceptance by the

Company and the terms of this agreement.

Article 14: Exchange of Goods and Cancellation of Purchase

1. Exchange refers to a system under the thirty (30)-day warranty system in which a

member of the Company may request the exchange of a purchased product for the same

product due to defects in the product within 30 days after the purchase.

2. Return Refund refers to a system under the thirty (30)-day warranty system in which a

member of the company may request a refund of a purchased defective product within

30 days after the purchase. EV generated and commissions gained will be readjusted


3. The Company may impose claims for commission, bonuses and/or other benefits given

prior to the Purchase Cancellation or Return Refund, where the member performance

may had effected due to the action.

4. The Company reserve the right to impose actions not limited to direct deduction the loss

amount directly from the member’s active e-wallet balance.

Article 15: Adjustment of Commission and EV Gained for Cancellation of Purchase

1. The intentional action of purchase and return for the purpose of commission generation

is strictly prohibited. The company will honor the request of return and proceed with a

refund. However, any unlawfully gained commission will be recovered.

2. Any return and refund item with gained EV from the respective purchase order will also

be deducted from the member. EV deduction process may be parallel to the company's

operation timeframe, and it may not reflect on the same date of purchase cancellation.

Members are not allowed to choose the date of EV deduction and/or adjustment.

Chapter 4: The Applied Shariah Concept

Privacy and Security Policy

We value our members' privacy and are committed to protecting it. This Privacy Policy

explains how we collect, use, and share personal information gathered when members visit

our website or become a member and/or PRORICHZ. We also provide information about the

security measures we have implemented to safeguard members' privacy.

Chapter 1: General

Article 1: Notice Collection of Information

We may request personal information from members, such as name, NRIC number, mailing

address, postal code, telephone number, email address, credit card number, and bank

information. If a member chooses not to provide this information, we may not be able to

provide them with requested services and successful registration may not be possible.

Article 2: Use of Information

We use the information we collect from members for various purposes, and we inform

members about these purposes at the time of collection. For instance, we may use Member

and/or PRORICHZ information to provide services, calculate earnings and bonuses, and

ensure compliance with our regulations. We may also need personal information for

confirmation and reporting, in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010. The

Company has the right to conduct personal data verification for internal purposes. In such

manner where the Company is not satisfy with the data accuracy and/or suspect potential of

identity fraud and/or thief, the Company may take legal advice and action toward the

registered Member.

Article 3: Customer Information Sharing

1. The Company may hire vendors to perform functions on our behalf, such as fulfilling

orders, delivering packages, processing credit card payments, and providing customer

service. These vendors are contractually obligated to use confidential data only for the

purposes for which they are hired.

2. The Company may also share limited confidential data with the Sellers in order to allow

them to handle their Goods as according to orders.

3. The Network Tree, Introducer Tree and others report may contains information on

members and their down-lines, including name, identification number, level or rank, and

sales statistics. We provide these reports to members in the strictest confidence for the

sole purpose of supporting their membership development.

Article 4: Security

The Company take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information collected

remains accurate, timely, and secure. However, no data transmission over the internet can be

guaranteed to be 100% secured. The Company strive to protect members' personal

information, but complete security cannot be guaranteed, and we cannot be held responsible

for any harm resulting from a breach of confidentiality.

Article 5: Data Integrity

Personal information will be kept in active files or systems as long as needed to meet the

purposes for which it is collected or as required to perform the contractual relationship with

the Members and the commercial relationship with the customer.

Enrichz Networth Sdn Bhd Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Article 6: Access or Alterations to Member's Information

1. If a member needs to alter or verify their personal information, they can contact the

company or login to one of Enrichz Networth's websites to update their information.

2. Enrichz Networth membership is only for those aged 18 and above. If the company

becomes aware that personal information about a person under the age of 18 has been

collected, reasonable efforts will be made to delete it.

Article 7: Use of Cookies

"Cookies" are used to store small pieces of information on computer hard drives. The

Company may use cookies to recognize the member whenever they return to the site,

providing a better user experience. Third-party cookies may also be used on the website.

Article 8: Third-Party Links

The site may contain links to third-party websites such as Sellers’ websites and/or social

media. Any information provided to these websites will be governed by their respective

privacy policies. Members are encouraged to investigate and ask questions before disclosing

any information to third-party operators' websites. The company has no responsibility or

liability for the content, actions, or policies of third-party websites.

Chapter 2: PDPA Form

In order to continue contractual agreements, personal data may need to be disclosed to

external parties, including governmental and regulatory bodies, business strategic partners,

and third-party service providers. These external parties may locate, store, maintain, and

process personal data within or outside of Malaysia. Under the Personal Data Protection Act

(PDPA) 2010, explicit consent is required when collecting and processing sensitive personal

data. Personal data is collected to evaluate applications, administer products and services,

respond to inquiries and complaints, and resolve disputes.

Chapter 3: Declaration

By agreeing to this form, members declare and expressly consent to the collection, holding,

use, deletion, disclosure, transfer, administration, and processing of their personal data for

various purposes, including continuing contractual agreements, responding to inquiries and

complaints, and supporting Enrichz Networth Group's internal functions. The personal data

provided must be true, up to date, and accurate. Any changes must be immediately notified

to Enrichz Networth Sdn Bhd. The Company is given consent to supply marketing and

promotional information by registered Members on a voluntary basis.