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Enrichz's Code of Ethics: Upholding Respectful Business


At Enrichz Networth Sdn Bhd ("Company"), we strive to establish a business culture that

fosters respect and honesty among all members. To achieve this, we have created a

comprehensive Code of Ethics that all members must adhere to. Compliance with these

regulations is essential to avoid any negative consequences and promote long-term growth

based on mutual trust and respect between members. Penalties will be imposed on any

member found in violation of the Code, depending on the severity of the breach.

Furthermore, all members must comply with the Direct Sales and Anti-Pyramid Scheme Act

1993, the Company's Regulations, and other relevant local laws and rules. Members are

responsible for understanding and adhering to the relevant laws concerning their business,

as well as the company's regulations. Protection of the members' business and long-term

growth for all parties involved is ensured through strict adherence to the Code of Ethics.

Chapter 1: Enrichz Member Ethics Regulation

As a member of Enrichz Networth, it is essential to act responsibly and comply with the

"Members' Obligations" specified in the Member Agreement and the following provisions:

Article 1: Maintenance of Honor and Dignity

Members must act sincerely and truthfully, with pride and an exemplary attitude, and a sense

of responsibility and community.

Article 2: Compliance with Ethics Regulations and Enforcement Regulations

Members must familiarize themselves with the terms of the Ethics Regulations, the

Enforcement Regulations, and other regulations, rules, and guidelines. Business must be

conducted based on these regulations.

Article 3: Obligation of Familiarisation with Marketing Plans and Accurate Notification

Members must familiarize themselves with Enrichz's marketing plans and gain knowledge

about the Goods. Sales activities should not involve spreading wrong ideas, and continuous

education and training is necessary. Disciplinary action may be imposed by the Company for

any breach of this regulation.

Article 4: Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Members must understand the customer satisfaction level with regard to the Goods sold and

take the required measures to ensure that consumers are informed of the quality of the

Enrichz Goods without distortion, false information, or exaggeration. Customer complaints

and return requests should be handled promptly and accurately, following the procedures

specified in Enrichz Networth's official publication, to avoid harm to customers.

Article 5. Penalty of Members in Violation

Sanctions will be imposed on any member found in violation of the company's regulations,

such as these Ethics Regulations and the Enforcement Regulations. These sanctions may

include, but are not limited to, restrictions on damage compensation or purchase of

products, suspension of membership activities, suspension of general commission, and

termination of membership. Upon termination, the terminated member is not allowed to

continue practice of business as a member of the company.

Chapter 2: Operation of Ethical Activities and Suspension of


The Company reserves the right to investigate all members' activities. Members are required

to fully cooperate during the investigation process.

Regulations for Ethical Business Operations by the Company

Article 6: Prevention of Unethical Practices and Disciplinary Procedures

In order to maintain an ethical business culture and prevent damage to the trust of other

members, disciplinary actions may be taken by the company for any violation of the Direct

Sales and Anti-Pyramid Scheme Act 1993 or these regulations. Members are required to

comply with the company's decision. Disciplinary procedures will follow these steps:

1. Any member, including the Company, may register a violation and provide relevant


2. The Company may request the member in violation to provide an explanation and

supporting materials.

3. The Company will verify the facts and investigate the matter. During the inquiry period,

the member may be suspended.

4. The company will notify the member and the relevant parties of the decision and the

sanctions imposed. Any appeal to the decision must be made within reasonable period.

5. If corrective action is required immediately for the member's violation, qualification

restriction may be imposed during the review period before a final decision is made.

6. Members must cooperate with the company during the investigation process; any failure

to comply may result in further sanctions.

Article 7: Types of Sanctions

Violations of the regulations may result in the following sanctions:

1. Membership Termination: Loss of membership

2. Suspension: Membership status is suspended for a certain period of time

3. Suspension with Commission on hold: Commissions are not to be paid for a certain

period of time (paid in a lump sum when the suspension ends)

4. Suspension with Commission forfeit: Commissions do not occur for a certain period of


5. Warning: In case of a minor and unintended violation of Enrichz Networth member

prohibitions, Ethics Regulation, or the Management Regulation

6. Caution: In case of a member showing a lack of understanding of the regulations and a

need for training (in cases where the sanctions are accompanied by training

requirements, the Member must complete the training provided by head office)

Article 8: Warning and Caution

A member may be subject to more severe penalties if they receive two or more warnings in

total for violating the membership regulations.